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Default Re: Smileys Tobbaco?

It makes me sad that the OPD guy is not wanting to appeal to us. (The hard core hookah community even though we're not even 40% of the market) he knows that everyone here already knows the deal and by his posts shows that he is not wanting our business. What is sad is, because we are a market to reckon with because we are two of the major hookah communities and we are also REPEAT customers.. We'd be more help to the business and their pockets if they were tactful and weren't in it to price gouge.

He is wanting the noobs and the "elite". Nobody in there right mind that KNOWS the hookah industry is going to drop that money on that stuff.

Plus his whole blowing up about the site and saying it wasn't for our eyes. That's bullshit. Youshouldn't post something on the web if you dont want it read. I guess his momma never told him don't write anything down that you dont want seen.

I had a HUGE laugh at the whole PrOn thing and the "glass" that we're dealing with a head shop type marketer and not your normal hookah conissuer (sp) like 99% of reputable companines. Such a shame.


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