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Default Re: How hookahs became extinct.

Hookah quality is in downgrade right now... the chinese rigs are using quite a bit of screw together parts. and using threaded aluminum downstems. Even MYA has this problematic construction.

Ive found that with hookahs, threads seize and corrode like mad, breaking them down. Seems that aluminum is really bad about this.... take the chinese and MYA stem cores for instance.... the aluminum core tube on mine is crumbling..... I dont think shisha juice and aluminum get along very well. Some of the Stargate users have had rust-out problems with the downstem connection.

Strangely, the three hookahs that I have that have stems which are assemblies, a Mya Bohemian.... A QT and break down "persian" hookah are my most problematic, or have become unserviceable till I get around to making new parts.
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