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Default Re: How hookahs became extinct.

I talked to a local shop owner who until recently had stocked some pretty nice hookahs. High quality stuff. Well now all he has are hookahs that all look alike, and the stems are all ridiculous colors like purple, neon green... well that's it. They're really cheap pieces of shit. I was like... what's up man? You used to have good hookahs.

He tells me: People want cheaper hookahs, i give them cheaper hookahs.

It's just not viewed as an art, just something to smoke.

That sucks ass.

He told me that's why he stopped stocking Al Waha and Romman and switched to King Moassel, while making AW seem like the premium shisha and overcharging for it...

Oh well, I get the hook up cause I've been coming there for so long... He gives me AW(when i do buy it) at the players price

cause im like eyyy man DO YOU GOT THAT JOOG OR NOT?!?! Show ya boy some love, man whats up?
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