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Default Re: Smileys Tobbaco?

Well, a friend of mine should in theory be getting some of the "new" Smiley samples sometime next week. I reviewed three Smiley flavours in the "new and improved" (that means plain looking jars) recently and damn, it was the worst smoke I've had in a long time. The guy that brought it from Arizona dumped four new jars in the trash.

The OPD guy has done a terrible job representing Smiley so far but maybe he just can't take the ton of criticism he's gotten. But the truth is that for the prices he wants to charge he would need to have a reputation like Davidoff and the quality to go with it but frankly, I just don't see the American market shelling out big bucks for shisha when so many great brands can be had for less.

The "you were not supposed to look at my website" stuff was just nuts and really says something about the kind operation that OPD is running.

One thing that I had not thought of that KK brought up was that maybe Smiley is giving up on the mainstream shisha market and going after the "stoner" market. Looking around the "herbal highs" sites it's pretty clear that the prices are shocking and perhaps the kind of people that frequent head shops have more money then the typical narghile fan. I also suspected that the "asskicker" product line is meant to appeal to the "legal stoner" market so it could be that Smiley will make lots of money from head shops and clueless, occasional hookah types that don't know what stuff should cost.
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