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Default Re: How hookahs became extinct.

Thanks to lake for raising this great topic.

I am simply amazed that someone will drop 30-50USD for a hunk of crap made with Chinese slave labour that will give lousy smoking sessions and fall apart in a year or two yet spend several hundred dollars on shisha and coals bought from some price gouging retail place like what NF mentioned over the next year or two.

I think that a lot of crap being peddled these days rests on the greater fool theory and so far that method is working like a charm. Still, the people that buy junk are mostly like just lemmings riding the latest fad and will give up on it in a year or so. I liken it to the cigar boom when endless labels sprung up taking ordinary (but decent) cigars and giving them fantastic packing and obscene prices. Within 5 years just about all of those labels have vanished as rubes found for fashionable stuff to get ripped off on.

What we need to do is educate people about what makes a narghile, shisha or coal worth buying and how to use those things. Educated consumers won't buy brightly coloured junk and they will enjoy our hobby a lot more then then the people that buy fish hookahs and sultan junk.
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