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Default Re: Smileys Tobbaco?

The things with his excuse why it (his website) was online was lame and weak - i have 4 websites. If I'm working on one of them, i can UNPUBLISH the site until I'm finished working on it. Unpublished, I can even give you the URL and you can't view it. AND... I can password protect 2 of the sites, so no password = no entry.

Plus is whole attitude on criticism was childish. We at the forums may not make up a huge chunk of the market, but we are the general market - the main repeat customers. Plus we do offer a considerable "word of mouth" base that I know has gained several new users - which appear to be his main target audience.

I'm would be willing to "try" the shisha if it is provided free, but not I am not spending money on the product. Not with the attitude of the distributor or it's creator.

But if it is "high quality" product, then things may change - but they both have done considerable damage. And neither seems willing to make repairs.
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