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Default Whats the Best?

Hey guys im new here and it seems like a really cool community.

I have 2 hookahs
One i believe is a Mya i dont know what kind though, my sisters ex boyfriend bought it for her and she doesnt smoke much so i took it off her hands

I have another really small one, it hits pretty good and the stem lights up and pulses a blue color, so thats pretty cool.

ive never bought any hookah related things online i usually just go to the "persian store" in our area and they have everything i need but not a selection.
only one type of shisha and everything seems kinda old and smelly lol.

so my question is what is the best and cheapest?

whats the best hookah pipe? and cheapest because im kinda low on cash at the moment.

ive tried AF strawberry and some other not so great brand

but what is the best/cheapest shisha?

ive also been really fond of the long hoses at the hookah bar i think there called naamor hoses? im not sure on the spelling.

so pretty much i want a new hookah, some good shisha, a good hose, a nice bowl,and some good coal.

anyone know where i can find all of these things maybe in a package or something? i dont really wanna buy everything seperate from diff sites so if you think you could help me out thatd be great..

i know this is a really long post,


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