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Default Seven Tips


1.) When using the scalli-mod cover it lightly with cooking oil before packing your funnel. It makes clean up much easier.

2) When puncturing foil with a pin push it all the way down to the bottom to help with air distribution.

3) Always pick out all stems and unroll and tear up any wads of tobacco you find before loosely packing the bowl.

4) When cleaning washable hoses use a hose brush which you can get from any decent homebrew store.

5) When cleaning stems always use a hose brush (see above) or a rifle bore brush as these are much better then the brushes you can get from shisha shops.

6) While using a combo of baking soda, Epson salts and lemon juice is good for normal clean up removing serious deposits/smells requires the sort of heavy duty cleaning chemicals (not sanitizers) any good homebrew would carry. I’d recommend I.D. Carlson’s PBW or Five Star Cleanser (not the sanitizer).

7) Getting burned on tobacco out of your bowl can often be done with a small bowl filled half a cup of dish detergent and some boiling water if left submerged for an hour or so.
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