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Default Re: cigs vs. hookah.

Originally Posted by Lekyrr View Post
I'm not scientist but IMO.

-cigs smell/taste worse
im not sure how that affects which one is more harmful

-how many anti-hookah commercials have you seen versus anti-cigarette commercials
cigarettes have been in the American culture for decades, hookah has been for none.
-i don't hack up my lungs after smoking hookah
cigarette smokers usually get a cough after a few years of smoking
-the shisha pack says 0% tar
If smoked correctly
-a session of hookah is being compared to ONE cigarette
that would mean ten packs per session
Most of those studys are absolute bogus, tar isn't produced unless the tobacco is burned.

They get the ratio of session/cigarette by volume of smoke which is also misleading when used in a study since the general idea is that hookah smoke is much less toxic.

Also if there is no information about how the hookah was setup, it's not even worth the read. For all we know they could be using a blowtorch to heat the shisha while using no water in their base.
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