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I think it's ridiculus. I am very dissapointed with his choice of distributor. He is making it appear like something it's not. Plus opd is rude.

I think 89.95 for a damn 45.00 QT is ridiculus along with the 39.00 smiley bowl and the 39.95 quick light coals which suck ass and I wouldnt use them if they were given to me for free........ They ash like crazy smell like butt, and last 20 minutes.

LAME and i call shenanigans on this.

I'm not mad at smiley for trying ot make a buck. If that's what he wants to do, that's his perogative and I hope he does well.. I just can't afford it and I wont be spending my money there. I have a hard enough time trying to scrape up money for the vendors i currently use and their awesome prices and discounts.


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