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I think that something a bit bigger is at stake here then simply a lousy website design and insane prices. Earlier I did not notice it but the site has material that is clearly intended for illegal purposes. Honestly, having a site like that being associated with our hobby is a PR kiss of death for all of us.

After reading stuff in the other forum a couple of days back and finding out about OPD's porn background I was feeling pretty uneasy about the whole Smiley thing to say the least. I think the time for making a stand has come and we simply have to say that associating products clearly intended for illegal substances with shisha is not something that we (narghile smokers in general) can not accept. We have to condemn this sort of thing and consider if an active boycott is needed.

I really would like to hear what anyone else to say about this because this is very serious matter and I need input here.
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