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I'm highly disapointed by the site - very. I don't see why Smiley is selling items (and using suggestive names) for things he knows should be kept at a distance to tradational hookahs (and related products).

It's his choice to try to gouge the n00b customer the prices listed on the site. But to willingly put "drug related" items on the site is teh worse move ever, in my book.

A though did occur to me that this OPD fellow may be the one setting some of the prices, thinking he can jack the $$ for what ever reasons, cuse it strikes me very strange Smiley would do this....

Up until now, I would have considered atleast trying a free sample of the shisha - now, I know I won't. Too much "bad blood" has occured to simply turn the other cheek and forgive.

This whole ordeal has left a bad taste in my mouth - to many unanswered questions and shady dealings. Something werid is up and I'm not liking it, not one bit.
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