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Default My shisha experiment

Well i've been pondering the question of home made shisha. I look at smileys shisha and how that WAS a success and figured I can do the same thing and do it for less.. you know the walmart way lol Jk.

Anywho this is what ive done so far

I bought some cheap cheap strawberry shisha from the local supermarket a while back. So I grabed a strainer and this big plastic container. I put steaming hot hot hot water into the plastic container and i threw in the bright red nasty tasting tobacco and kneeded the tobacco in the steaming water and strained it and repeated for about 45 mins. Then I strained as much water i could out of the tobacco. Now as of this minute my hands are dyed red from the coloring in the tobacco ( i shoulda wore gloves idiot me ) and i have the tobacco air drying in the strainer and hopefully some of that fruity smell will come out of it

My next attempt will be smoking this washed out tobacco to just see how it tastes.
Keep tuned.
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