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Default First time in a LONG time.

So Ive been smoking shisha for about 4 years now. For the first two years of smoking, the only brand I smoked was Nakhla. It was all I could get my hands on before making the leap to the internet. After a long time of smoking it, getting used the the buzzes, and being sick of mostly all of the flavours. I was left smoking just Two Apples and Grape. Eventually I got sick of those two as well, the smell of Nakhla Grape could make me vomit to this day. So its been a year since I smoked ANY Nakhla, and today I picked up some Two Apples (DA) and I'm sitting here smoking it, and i'm already buzzing. But honestly it feels really good, I used to hate that Nakhla buzz but today i'm enjoying it a lot. Also the flavour is just really AMAZING after a whole year of not smoking any Nakhla at all.

It is just an great feeling to smoke something that I havent had in so long, and it used to be one of my favourite smokes so its just a really enhanced feeling.

Have you ever gone back to a brand/flavour, that you haven't smoked in a REALLY long time. And just drooled all over the place when you open that box and take a big whiff for the first time in so long?

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