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Default Re: My shisha experiment

the glycerin is a must.... at least if you want it to perform like most of our commercial shisha.

The trick is to find the right amount of glycerin and molasses or honey. I have read that around 15% of the shisha by volume is glycerin. The glycerin itself will provide the thick white smoke.... but too much and you get all smoke and no flavor.

You dont want to have a whole lot of h20 moisture in your tobacco.... and before you need to find a way to get the glycerin to infuse itself in the tobacco well. you might consider cooking your mixture on a low heat.... or doing what I did once that seemed to work quite well... take your shisha mixture and put it in a mason jar (with lid) and run the closed jar in the dishwasher when wash a load... just make sure the lid is on good and tight before hand... dont want soapy dishwater in there... you just want the heat in a closed environment.

IF you were cooking up 5-10 kilo's then a pressure cooker on low might work real nice too..... but havent tried that since I wasnt making anywhere near that.

Sometimes time is your friend... just letting your mixture sit in its own juices for a month, smokes much better than a bowl fresh out of the cooking ***.
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