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Default Re: session with boomhauer

Boom took a little vacation because him and Allycat decided to keep the hookahpro Stickam chat room alive after we asked them to let it die because we are no longer affiliated with stickam.

After several attempts to try and get them to open their own room without the word "hookahpro" in it, we decided to put rules in place, which they chose to keep breaking and there for were banned for 4 days each. If they choose to keep it up and running when they get back, they will get a 10 day ban, and again if they come back and have not complied by making their own room, we will ban them permanently.We tried to set up rules initially to keep the room alive but those rules were broken due to abuse and now we just want it gone. I'm sorry but I dont' want to see people's body parts, nude pictures of people, people getting kicked for no reason, or people taking showers and this is continuing in this room the day before they got banned.The blatant disrespect for hookah pro and it's members is appauling.

We don't care what you do on stickam, or if you choose to still use stickam, just don't have the hookahpro name involved in any of it.

hope that helps.

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