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Default Re: Ooh! Lookee what Hookah-Shisha's got!

What I don't like is trying to remake the narghile into something else. In this case something small a portable as it simply is not practical to walk around and fiddle about with coals and hose. Narghiles are about sitting back, relaxing and reflecting on the beauty of craftsmanship and taste. I simply don't believe that something that small will give anything other then a harsh, nasty smoke and why would I buy anything that looks like a beer can for $25? The thing is a POS.

Originally Posted by Lakemonster View Post
OK....I read the pitch...

What Im not clear on is this: IS THE COAL CONTAINED UNDER THAT SCREEN?

The one thing I dont like about the the marketing of this thing is the endorsement of hookah and driving. This thing uses half a coal at a time... which means you have to re coal if you are gonna smoke for more tha 20 mins. Shouldnt be fuckin with a hookah while driving...

The other thing that kind of gets me..... ever since I have been smoking hookah.... the market has been trying to "fit a hookah into a cigarette.".....if you get my drift.
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