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Default Picked up some shisha in Dallas

Theres a brand of shisha that they carry up in Dallas that I have really been enjoying lately. Its called "AlFakher Trading Co. LLC". Its an obvious AF knockoff, but its pretty damn good.... especially if you like your shisha with a little kick to it. It is a bit slow to get started up, but when it does.... its nice with big thick clouds.

Anyway.... I go up to my Halal Market up there and get 500 gram pails of it for $17. They also started carrying Al Ajamy, which I havent tried yet... so I got a bunch of 50g boxes for $1.49 a piece.

Grabbed a box of Three Kings for $15 bux (coulda been a bit lower) and a wide MYA hose for $12

They had some new hookah in... but it was all Chinese stuff.... MYA and Group Elegance stuff. Bunch of pumpkins........ eeeech.

This shop is pretty cool.... they have a whole side of an aisle full of nothing but Hookah coals of all typews and asfahan tobacco.... then they have a wall full of hookah and tobacco.... and two display cases with higher end hookahs and Starbuzz tobacco. I keep meaning to take a pic with my cell phone when Im in there but keep forgetting.
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