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Default Re: session with boomhauer

Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
Sambooka owns the Hookah Pro name.This is Sambookas house and his rules. If you dont like the rules you are free to take your hookahs elsewhere. The rule stands, if you are involved with any rogue hookah pro moniker outside this domain you will be banned, its that simple. Abide by the rules and everything will be cool.
Its as if were in some kind of hookah nazi forum now, you avoid logic and you still fail to take down the stickam chat. anyone inside the chat can just use a different name and not get banned here =-O. You will never be able to control who uses the hookah pro name, how does it feel having no control . The only way you think you can regain control is by enforcing a bullshit rule on the real hookah pro domain. w/e, ill do whatever the fuck i want outside of this site. Go ahead and ban me if you must but the stickam chat is still running and you guys dont accomplish the one thing you wanted to accomplish good day
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