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Default Re: session with boomhauer

Your right, the chat is still up ... thanks for pointing that out ... we will take the next step of action. Much appreciated for pointing it out ...
Believe me it is definitely NOT the actions we want to take, but you are right, the room still stands! so we should enforce our rules here and protect the community against those that continue to support the efforts to deface this community. We don't own stickam, but we do have a community we are building and the nudity, drug use, people getting kicked by someone for no reason, flaming members because someone doesn't like them and other shenanigans just doesn't fly. We ALL decided to use stickam as a way to talk with each other as the official chat of this site at one time (which imo should follow the rules here) ... You have no idea the amount of PMs I received on a daily basis because of that room! ... I have tried attempts to allow deputy mods in the room to maintain a good vibe ... I have talked with boom in numerous PMs trying to work things out ... he even admitted he "created a monster" ... he was once a very well respected and active member here. Why he doesn't want to try to get back to that status is beyond me .. but I regret ever getting caught up in stickam ... lesson learned. And I also regret that I went to bat for all the people involved in this stickam mess the way I did. Numerous people ...
... and I am definitely not going to bat for them now ...!!!
We don't expect you to kiss ass ... and we like you as a member, I do anyhow But we do have a site to run and this room is being kept open out of spite ... if that is how someone feels about this community, to ignore attempts to restore community spirit, is complete disrespect for everyone here.
I hope this helps to explain our reasoning of our decision on this. If not, there are a couple threads I can direct you to that will go into detail more.
I am sorry if you disagree, and you are 100% entitled to your opinion. Please take into consideration we have a great majority of people we are trying to satisfy and the majority is against the crap that went on in that room, a room that IS tied to this forum! A room that is kept open in a negative attempt to deface this community and members here. Disrespectful if you ask me ... plain and simple.
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