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Default Re: Toss up between...

Originally Posted by Mojo View Post
I bought a new hookah just last week for the hell of it because it was cheap and only 40 bucks. I ended up spending around 70 after I bought a hard case, coals, foils, extra hose, tobacco and an extra bowl fitting so I got a sweet deal after everything but it's threaded and I hate it. I actually just asked my younger brother to lurk his high school for kids looking to buy a hookah. It's 26" and I still hate this thing because the threads don't go all the way down and so I had to put a girl's hair thingy that some wear on their wrist just to keep the seal from letting in air. Non threads are the only ones I like after deal with this and 2 of my other friends hookahs they have gotten.
Sounds like you need some rubber gromits (sp?)
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