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Default Re: When was the 1st time u smoked hookah

im not being the guy that says this has already been asked so ill just answer the question, lol.

graduation day, i was at a big party with just about everyone from my class. someone asked me if i wanted to smoke some hookah and told me that they were smoking tobacco out of it. i was skeptical as to whether or not they were serious because it was a prep party, and though they acted clean and wholesome, trust me, they werent.

anyway i got to the van they were chilling it and they had just gotten a mix of strawberry and banana going. someone told me, breathe in sorta slow all the way. i took my pull and put the hose down and started to say, i dont think i got anything. but stopped short because of the THICK smoke i was letting out. from that moment on i was hooked
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