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Default Re: Arabic markets FTW!

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
I thought it couldn't get any better when I found my local shop carrying Layalina and Fantasia. I was mistaken. Three Arabic markets between my house and work carry full Nakhla lines and mixed AF 50gr. So of course I stocked up on a few items.
1X250g Sheherazade Cinnamon
1X250gr El Basha Grape
1X250gr El Basha Strawberry
50gr Zaghloul, Mixed Fruits, Mint, Orange, Apple and AF 50gr lemon.

The two El Basha are great. They have a very nice tobacco aroma. Not overpowered by the fruit scent. Very good mix. Hopefully they smoke as well as they smell.
What city are you in that you have that luck?
also, this will be such a newbie question, what does FTW mean?
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