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Default Re: Arabic markets FTW!

God I wish there were hookah bars and good Arabic markets near me. There aren't really any good ones in Canada, there are a couple of hookah bars here and there but not close to me. Also if I find shisha anywhere its usually 15-25 dollars for 250g of Nakhla! Recently I found a store that carries Al Fakher as well as Nakhla but he is charging $25 for 250g of AF and $15 for the Nakhla. So the stores here are usually rip offs and you can never find a good deal. If anyone knows of somewhere in Ontario that has good deals on anything related to hookahs, LET ME KNOW PLEASE!

Until then I will have to buy cheap shisha online, which sometimes doesn't feel like its worth it. Because I have to wait for shipping and pay a lot of money just to get it here. To the point where it ends up being the same price but I have to wait for it.
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