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Default First Time Stupidity

First Time Stupidity

Using a narghile is not exactly intuitive (at least not for most Occidentals) and often the first attempt doesn’t work out too well.

Years ago I was in Damascus looking over the instillation of some bottling equipment at a plant and lost my pouch of Latakia so I spent some time wondering around looking for a pipe shop. I wondered into a shop and found a bunch of older men smoking narghile which I had seen before but never used.

I ask the guy at the counter if he spoke English and he said he did so I ask him what tobacco he could recommend and he gave me a box of Al Waha Bahraini. I thought it smelled great so I opened it and I was wondering what this red, liquid like stuff was. Not wanting to look stupid by asking how to use this strange goo I scooped out some with my fingers and plopped it right into my Peterson’s Calabash and worked like crazy to light it with my Zippo.

Everyone in the shop stopped, watched me closely and burst out laughing. Undeterred I keep tamping, loosening and trying to get the stuff to burn to howls of laughter from the patrons.

Embarrassed, I left the shop quickly throwing the Al Waha in the trash and emptying my pipe a block or so away.

When I explained to a guy I was working with what happened he laughed and showed me how to use mu'essel latter that evening at a café he liked. Thus started a long, beautiful relationship between narghiles and myself.

Anyone got a stupid a stupid story about your first smoke?
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