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Well, as of today - just visited the site - they have removed the glass pipes and altered the "only" line. But the prices are still sky high:

- $99.95 for what looks like the $15 hookah deal Smiley had
- $750.95 for a Hookah that was orginially listed at 549.95 - both prices completely out of the range of what that hookah is (MYA makes much nicer hookahs)
- Coals are still $39.95 for a box, or $12.95 for a bag of fingers (eek!)

And of course, the 15g Sampler.... *sigh*

Sad, sad day... better, but still far from "buyable" in my book.

And just check out the "order" section - scary as heck! I wouldn't trust my CC info on that site, plus you have to pay extra for Insurance? Ok... wonder if they are using USPS?
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