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Default just sampled 2 af flavors

so tonight i was about to close shop and decided why the hell not? i should try a few flavs that i haven't tried yet, so i grabbed 3 50gram paks af, cherry, melon, and mint, (yes, having your own hookah shop has its perks).
Now the mint I have tried before but I am not a mint guy, i like to add a little mint in the mix once in a while so that's why i grabbed that pack, howevr i haven't tried cherry or melon.
So, I come home, have dinner with the fam, put the kids to sleep and as usual, I prepare my 36"mz and pack my phunnel bowl with cherry by AF. It's great, lots of smoke and tons of flavor, kind of like cocktail cherries. Then I decided, why not, just try the melon tonight as well, so I make some new coals and replace the shisha with melon. Very different, smooth, way less flavor, but just mild and pleasant to smoke. Both are good, very different but good. It's fun to mix things up as I have been getting tired of double apple and mixed fruits. I would suggest whatever brand you get, just get the 50g packs at first, then decide what you like and commit to the bigger purchases.
Also, there are just some flavors that you like once in a great while like caffe latte, or lemon, or etc. Just try them all.
OK, rant/rave over.
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