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Default Re: just sampled 2 af flavors

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post
I personally love AF mint and grape (will buy the grape once I can get one from 2008)

Nakhla Mint is pretty good too1 But what sux is that there isn't a bit of minty taste like AF's , its just cold and powerful. To describe it a lil better, it just feels like you are smoking really really cold smoke. If Nakhla added some taste like AF does, people would probably like it a lot.
Jilly, I don't get it, you are in CA, a lot of place have AF GRape 08, there was another topic that discussed this about a certain vendor that has all 08AF in stock for 250g. ahem.
But seriously getting 08 grape should be a nonissue now, am i missing something?
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