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Default Re: would the smell of the smoke make ur room smell or any thing ???

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
Whenever I see a question like this it bugs me. If you are affraid of getting caught smoking then smoke outside or at a friends house. By hiding the fact that you smoke you are in essence lying to the folks you live with. It's not like smoking a hookah is illegal. Why hide?
Because, although its not illegal and you are old enough. It might not sit well with your parents that you are smoking. The fact that is unhealthy, and even that you are smoking inside might freak them out. Also it might break their heart to know that their child has taken up smoking, no matter what age. It depends on the parents really. My parents know I smoke, but I don't really do it when they are around or tell them that I am smoking inside. That freaks them out a little, because I used to light stuff on fire inside the house, and it would reek. So they would get angry, also we have had issues with house fires before like twice. So they don't like me fucking around with lighters inside. At one point they got so mad they took away my lighters, like 6 Zippos and a bunch of cool jet and butane lighters. But lately they don't care what I do. And i got the lighters back eventually, just promised that I would stop setting things on fire inside the house.
I am a self-proclaimed pyro.

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