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Default RIP stargate story

i went to classes today. there was a new teacher today, "what are you into?" she asked me. "i like shoegazing and hookah." turned out she is lebanese, but she didnt quite understand what shoegazing is, but instead of telling her its just a genre of music i explained it vaguely, "you have to hear it to feel its essence."

afterwards, heres where things get depressing and happy at the same time.. i came home and went straight to cleaning my stargate. i tried out sambooka's beer method, worked well. plenty of hot water, lots of scrubbing, dryed everything so it wouldnt rust.

as i was assembling the stargate i was thinking, "id sure like to smoke a bowl right now." but nah, i was just planning to put the stargate up and sit on the computer doing work. anyways... when it came time to screw the stem to the base of the stargate, something dreadful happened!

the acrylic had finally stripped!!! i knew this would eventually happen! i had been smoking it everyday for months and months, each time i would unscrew it, a bit of white powder would get on my hands. but finally today, it had completely stripped after all this use. i kept screwing it hoping it would tighten but no, it was kaput.

i freaked out. i cant go without hookah even though i wasnt planning on having a session today. so i called bilal (or billy as he prefers it ) since i was initially planning on buying a hookah from him a long time ago. he immediately sprung into action to get me one while i called my friend joey the viking, to see if i could get a ride from him.

he came, we drove to the new starbuzz warehouse. amazing, i was like wow

and there it was, a KM black pear waiting for me. we walked around checking things out, its honestly a hookahnauts dream. we also talked for a bit. and yes, i got a pair of the infamous starbuzz pocket tongs haha.

me and joey the viking then drove back to my house. smoked a bowl of starbuzz white peach while we played halo and ate pizza. turned out to be a great day even though i was freaking out over my stargate finally kicking the bucket.

RIP stargate, you were amazing, you got me laid numerous times and you were there for all the parties i had with other hookah pro members. you were a beautiful one.
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