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Default Re: Hookah Buzz?!?!?!

No offence, but you guys sound like my BF - he's a pack, pack and a half a day smoker - will do some cigars every once and a while... but on the few times he smokes hookah, he never (with exception of tangiers) gets a buzz. NEVER! And he'll do smoke rings (or atleast try real hard) and chain like a chimmey.

Me on the other hand... Even Hookah-Hookah, if I chain it, will slightly buzz me. I like to buzz.... (exception of the sick buzz Tangiers will give me when I smoke too much ).

I think it's your body's reaction, some people are more adjusted to nicotine than others. Or have "smokers lung" can breath more deeply or often than others. I'm not a regular ciggy smoker, I can't even enjoy a cigar before coughing up a lung - but I can hookah, but get buzzed easy.

Just my thoughts...
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