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Default To get a new hose or make a new hose?

Since we all know hoses never last forever, the same question must have passed thru most of our minds at one time or another...

So, would you purchase a high end washable hose like the Nammor, or would you just purchase some hose/tubing to "make" your true washable hose?

I am sersiouly considering buying a Nammor, but also really don't want to spend the $$ toward a single hose, when for the same amount I can purchase some cheaper plastic hose (crinkle type) or even some tygon tubing and convert several hoses.

My biggest issue, if I make my own, then I must either buy or make covers as I want "display" pieces (all my hookahs sit out as display pieces when not in use). But that Nammor looks sweet and would be a very nice (and supposedly) long lasting hose!

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