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Default Re: RIP stargate story

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
:: Bows head in a moment of silence :::

RIP Ohhh Great Stargate of daedra with super natural powers to get him laid ... poor guy will probably never get laid again now guess he will just have to take matters into his own hands now ...

I'm pretty sure Daedra will have no problem in that department..Lol..I loved how he mentioned it repeatedly in one post and then again repeated himself again in another post and went all out to capitalize "MULTIPLE TIMES". Got to love him.

I'm so jealous that you can just go hang out with so many HP peoples. I just live in the world's unluckiest state, so far away from vendors and other HP peoples. One day I will make it over to Cali though (something I've always planned on to do before I die. I need to get off the damn east coast. I have only been really off twice in my life (went to colorado and Minnesota, both for health conferences, was paid for by my college))

Again I am bored in class so of course I'm on HP writing the world's longest reply posts. Lol
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