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Default Re: would the smell of the smoke make ur room smell or any thing ???

Ok so I still live with my mom (yes go ahead and laugh lol) anyways literally 15 mins ago she came home as I was smoking a bowl of some Cherry and Menthol while watching Juno and I quickly turned on my fan, opened up my window and cleaned up the hookah and put it back on my floor by the window where I always leave it. (now my mom has known i've smoked cigarettes since I was 15 so she doesn't care that I smoke in fact she has talked with me for over an hour once outside while I was having hookah) anyways she walked right past my room where my door was opened and didn't say anything. Hookah smell isn't pungent but it does take a good 30 mins to completely clear out of a room.

I would suggest scented candles, cologne or other sprays. a fan and a window and your set.
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