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At first I was thinking that this product takes away from what the hookah experience should be. Smoking hookah is not just about inhaling and exhaling smoke like a robot but includes appreciating your piece of artwork as there are so many kinds/shapes/sizes of hookahs. I was completely turned off (btw at any price). Then good ol Sambooka puts it in his drink holder in his car and I'm thinking wow, I really need this thing now! However after further thought, I thinka smoking hookah while driving could be very distracting and I don't advise it, unless maybe someone else is the car to set up and adjust. I go back to my original thoughts of this product takes away from the whole hookah experince. Hookah is made to be enjoyed in peace with friends or alone relaxing. This is too much of a gimmick to take way from the real experience that hookah smoking is intended for. What would you rather be smoking, Leila or a big Egyptian? I just don't see any good reason for it.
(this is no way a negative review of the vendor)
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