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Default buying first set up, questions

ok so im going to buy my first hookah soon, i have some questions and some assumptions that i want to verify. im probably going to order form

im looking at getting

-Lunar 2 hose hookah
-2 nammor hoses (the cobra hoses have a lot of complaints of rusting/corroding inside)
-heba diffuser
-a few extra bowls to play around and see what works out well for me
-general little pieces here and there (port plugs, hose caps, etc etc)
-exotica charcoal (it comes with 2 rolls of easy light and 2 packs of romans shisha)
-few packs on tangiers

i think the set up should be pretty good (ive used single hose versions of it, or they might have been the big brother but i dont think there will be much performance difference since the stem is just taller).

now i want to know, do the hoses have check valves or does it have a relief valve or are the hoses just straight open?

are there any little things that are not normally included that i need to think about getting or what not.

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