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Default Re: Who Has Tried AF Cardamom?

hey guys, heres my 2cents, i haven't tried it becaue i dont ven know what cardamom is and dam AF with their perfect packaging you can't even get a wiff from the package. now, mahir and abu roni probably have the same or simpar background as me and i felt foolish when someone told me what cardamom really is. in arabic they call it hail which some put in their arabic cofee. let me stress i love arabic cofee, and let me stress more, i hate when they add cardamom to it. now that i know what it is, i am curious to know what it actually is like in a smoke. i will have to try it soon. i thought i would hate jasmine but this is the 2nd night i am smoking it. i'll give a review soon, and hoping that it will be good as you guys say.
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