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Default Re: Natural vs. Quick Light Coals

Originally Posted by Raid3n View Post
awww man you cant go wrong with exoticas. sure it takes more to get em going unlike quick lights, but its worth the wait. plus just multi task and it makes it easier on you.

With exoticas there will be no added taste, because theres no chemicals i believe, and they last longer and just overall are better. Save the gold kings for when your in a pinch, when your either out of exoticas or out and there are no burners around lol.

OH one more thing, if you have a glass top stove, dont throw coals on top of that, you risk breaking it

Edit: welcome to hookah pro btw. if youve got any other question dont hesitate to ask us!
I just happen to own a single burner, electric, hot plate. After seing Sambooka use his stove on YouTube, i figured this was the best way to do it. I also figured it would be cool, because it can sit on the table next to the hookah.
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