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Default Re: buying first set up, questions

ok, well i will talk to the guys down at my local place, while i understand all the warnings on rotators i wonder why these same models would be used at a hookah bar.

rusting im not to worried about, im used to working with metals that are prone to rust and am rather anal about drying off things after i wash them but i will keep the warnings in mind.

my thinking on the 2 hose was more so i could chill with a friend and smoke hookah and not have to worry about passing back and forth and hogging but i guess the point of a rotator null and voids many of the reasons to have multiple hose ones.

for the coals i wont be getting it for a while (maybe not even until august just because i wont have a good reason to use it back home since i hookah to run into friends but up here at school i want good quality like i have at home) and i will probably try a few different brands but the exotica i saw just have the best response over all but i do see some of the issues some have had.

god to know on how long it smokes for the large phunnel, i am thinking about getting one of the glass or metal mods so i dont have to use a piece of foil in the bottom and saw that some take up extra room to save on shisha.

im not suer if you warned about the tangiers due to just the amount or how it smokes but i figured out how much i will smoke of it and am used to smoking it.

thanks, i do appreciate all the heads up and the warnings, i will ask around to the hookah place that has them for about half of their stash.

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