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Default Re: buying first set up, questions

I must say the hookah bars here dont use rotators, they use straight up single hose hookahs, most of the MZs. So if you want good quality look at Madgys. Great quality for a cheaper price than a rotator.

Large phunnels will last you way too much for a single smoke session, unless your talking about 2 to 4 others. that bowl holds around 100 grams of tobacco. and not only could you get sick of it. that would get too expensive to use every time. The mods are pretty nice to have though to some people, it does take up less tobacco, and can improve smoke flavor.

I (and im sure most here) advice against Tangiers because of the amount of care and experimenting it takes to get it to smoke right. And to buy nothing but it isnt a good idea. You have to let it acclimate, and you have to pack and heat it a specific way. It will take you a few sessions to get it right, even if watch videos on youtube. I have a pack of it and it took me about 6 tried to get it smoking good enough to not have to worry about it.

Gotta be careful with Tangiers. Get some starbuzz or AF on top of that just in case.
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