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Default Re: Smell is the Strongest Scent Tied to Memory..

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Or so the deodorant commercial suggests.

But i have been getting it ALOT with my shisha. Horchata, for example. Sitting on my balcony watching the city at night.

Or Esk. Apple. Highschool days, coming home from school and setting up my Red Mini Tower in the cat litter box to keep it from tipping.

How about you guys? Any flavors bring back memories?
Number 1 HOW could you ever enjoy orchata. I live in New Mexico and you can't throw a rock around here without it landing in orchata lol. I got tired of it by the time I was like 7. My sisters make it my mom makes it my grandmother makes it.

Back to the point- Layalina blueberry always sends me on a flashback trip of when my hookah arrived at my house. Opening the box all frantic style! Waiting for my mom to get home so I can show her how to set it up .
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