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I'll put up some picture for Sambooka when I get the chance tonight. I don't have any Patrón bottles but I used a La Trappe XXXX bottle as it was what I had laying around.

Lake, you can forget using the downstem for anything else as it is threaded on one end (the top) so it won't work for that.

I haven't had the chance to use the thing yet but I do have a couple of observations:

1) Everything is gasketed and fits well except the bowl which doesn't keep everything from being air tight. This is better then expected.
2) the hose has a nasty chemical odor that is tough to get rid of.
3) all the metal bits save part of the purge valve that screw off are stainless steel.
4) the down stem is very narrow so I doubt that it will pull well
5) the instruction sheet is almost worthless

Once I try it out i'll write up something more substantial.

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