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Originally Posted by Huskysibe View Post
In light of the recent rash of advertising for another forum trying to entice our members to register over there so they can get free shyt I have banned Barfartzero and hookahguru99. One guy had 5 posts total and all 5 advertised for someone else. Look people, if you wanna go to anther forum go ahead, its your choice. But dont come on here and advertise so you can get referals to win free shyt. We give out free shyt also for cool sigs and cool vids and posting contests, not encourage peopel to run around to other forums and spam advertise. We have worked hard to make this a top quality forum for you guys lets keep it that way.

its barfartzero lol hahah well just to let u no i never told any one to go over there plus i live in a apt so i cant get any mail so why would i want free stuff? lol i was just here to learn about hookah but its cool am just upset i was bannd but o well and sorry for all the caps its just my pda is hack n stuff so yeah well later ppl
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