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Default Re: Mutiny!

WHAT?!?!?! Sam got a leila? Wow... this is news to me.... i've been hiding under a rock, thoughi knew he did a video review on it......

But sam should be banned because he's in hammock on a beach drinking booze and loving his woman, in his banana hammock licking his leila. sounds pretty messed up because sam is well sam.... he doesn't deserve to have fun. he needs to be a slave and sit behind a desk and work all day. NO FUN FOR HIM......

On top of that, i heard he stole a little kids "funny string gummy candy" and just started to chow down on it... i mean how messed up is that? stealing candy from a vactioning kid? Why don't you just throw sand in their face too?

Hurry back, and don't be tan... because ..... you don't want cancer.

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