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Default Re: What is in Hookah Coals? I need a chemist!

I can't refer you to a chemist nor give you a detailed breakdown of what is in quick lights coals but you should note that having a chemist perform the required tests won't help you determine the health issues related to narghile use. In part this is due to the vast range of smoking methods, the size of the narghile, if the smoker inhales, the sort of substance smoked and the amount and exact brand of instant charcoal used and the fact that youíre looking at a very complicated, multi-variate health issue that canít be addressed by simple chemical analysis. I mention the chemical composition point because I have seen nothing to indicate that the type of accelerants used in narghile coal is chemically the same and in fact, a friend of mine works as a chemist for a charcoal company and the exact composition of the accelerants used is a closely guarded trade secret. You may also want to consider that when using instant lights correctly you need to wait for all of the accelerants to burn away and some narghile users donít do that.

Anyway, I hope that your study has more academic honesty then most of the studies dealing with cigarettes have although I assume you know of some of the same cases in which studies that came to the wrong conclusion resulted in stunted research careers. I have posted some stuff about the differences in the prevalence of supposedly tobacco related health troubles with socio-economic status and ethnicity which plays a pretty big roll in these issues. If your interested in such things look up the various articles I have posted here on the topic.
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