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Originally Posted by PCServe View Post
omg .. and i thought our german customs are the weirdest ... a friend of mine had to pay 140 ($200?!) duty and taxes for 2.4kg of tobacco.
but $1000? Oo i cant believe this ... how do they calculate this price? 1000% duty & taxes? (or did you mean $100?)
I meant AU$1000.00, 1 grand in friggin duties and taxes, the crazy thing is according to customs I can bring as much as I want into the country and not pay a cent in duties and taxes as long as each package sent is no more than 250 grams, so if I wanted 2.65kg of tobacco and not pay $1000 I'd have to order 10 seperate orders paying shipping each time, not to bad for some places like who's shipping cost isn't weight based and quite reasonable though it would still mean paying $20 for a tub of Al-Waha say when you include shipping, not cheap but I can live with that. Unfortunately the only 2 stores I've found that do this (which I think are the same mob) don't have a great range of flavours.
What's pissed me off even more is that I also had 6 boxes of Exoticas in the same order as well as a new Razan hose which all should have arrived last Friday and here I am sitting without a coal in sight and the nearest place that sells coals (if you can call them that bloody Roland QL's) is at least 5 hours drive away making it a 10 hour return drive and $70 trip which I refuse to do for Rolands.
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