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Default Strange question - hoses

Since I've been considering a Nammor and it's supposed to be a "garden hose like" hose.... I really was wondering if a Garden Hose (new of course) could really be made into a workable hose?

Does anybody think it would be dangerious? Good idea, bad idea - hard to make work?

There's a store nearby that sells "aftermarket" and "defective" hoses - cheap as dirt becasue of minor flaws (big flaws if you wanted to use them as real garden hoses), but airtight enough to work as a hose.

Unless anybody thinks it might be a real bad idea - I may pick one up this week and see what I am "work" up... :} Biggest issue - end tips to fit BOTH the stem valve and the Mouth part...

Hum.... If it works, I'll have some sweet hoses plus.... I'll probalby give away some too!

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