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Default 1st hookah casualty

it was bound to happen sooner or later

As careful as Ive tried to be, smoking in the house comes with assumed challenges and today I had my first mishap.
I set up my hookah near the couch.
Place it on top of cookie sheets to protect the carpet in case a stray coal or ember drops and then bring the coals over from the stove.
I heat up the coals in a small cast iron pan and then bring the pan over and put the coals on top of the hookah.
As I was bringing the pan over, I must not have remembered how unbelievably hot the handle gets and it started to burn my hand.
Writhing in pain I had to drop it somewhere fast and the closest place I could find was one of the throw pillows we keep on the couch.
There is now a nice imprint of the bottom of the pan on one side of the pillow.
I'm in big trouble when Wifey gets home.
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