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dont expect to turn a huge profit, especially at first.

offer good shisha and make sure you clean the hookahs. there is a place up here that doesnt change the water or clean the hoses and offers low quality shisha.

the place i like to go to offers 4 different shishas at different prices (the top 2 are starbuzz and tangiers). they have good service but any one that comes in and sits down has to buy a drink (20 oz bottle) as a way to guarantee they cover costs. food is a good way to pull money in but it is hard to do all that, if you just have some snack items like candy and chips that will probably help some. the prices are like 9, 11, 13 and 15 i think for their different levels, they also offer a "counter special" which is all the bits of shisha they sweep off the counter (also happens to have a bunch of ash from starting hookahs but its cheap).

getting new mixes and new items in will be a good way to keep things fresh and if you sell hookahs, shisha and accessories separately also that will be a good way to get some money in.

go look at other hookah bars even if you have to travel and spend a couple hundred to travel and try out the places to get ideas about what to do and not to do

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