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Default Legal Stuff Update

My little battle with the police department I brought a while ago has progressed a bit. After attempting to get our cars back for the last few weeks the police lied and said they never took any cars but wouldn't let us into the impound lot. We went back some lawyers and after a lot of threats we found out that the police department sold the cars to a whole sale outfit. We went to the whole sale company and found that our cars had not been sold yet so we got them back.

The police tried to stonewall us about the narghiles they took and the various things they grabbed from the cars but eventually we got our lawyers to get the narghiles and the shisha they took to be tested in a lab while our lawyers watched. Needless to say everything turned out to be clean.

At this point we are bringing criminal charges against the cops and civil charges against the county. We have decided that we are not going to try to get money for anything other then covering our expenses with legal bills & car rentals. Mainly we want these people to go to jail for unlawful arrest, obstruction of justice and a lot of other charges relating to the theft of our stuff.

So far, I am very pleased.
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